Gabriel’s Story

Let me tell you the story of a young woman named Dagmara. A few years ago, Dagmara arrived here in the United States. She’d had several abortions in the past, and was not planning on having a baby anytime soon. … Continued

Hailey Rose’s Story

When Megan found out that she was pregnant, she didn’t know what she wanted to do. At 19 years old, she knew getting pregnant would devastate her parents. “My parents will never understand,” she thought. “I can’t do this to … Continued

Andres’ Story

Ivania’s Crisis Ivania was only 17 years old when she came to one of our Pregnancy Help Medical Clinics. She had been sexually abused in her country and fled to the United States all alone and with no family. Heartbeat … Continued

Marie Esther’s Story

We welcomed 2018 with this precious baby girl! Maria came to our Hialeah Clinic not sure what to expect. She had come from Mexico three years ago and had no family here until she met her husband Leonel, who is … Continued

Alexa’s Story

Our Thanksgiving Baby this year is Baby Alexa. Her mom, Jennifer, walked into our Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic in Flagler when she found herself afraid and hopeless thinking abortion was her only option. However, God had led her to the … Continued

Leandro’s Story

Abortion nor Hurricane Irma could stop Baby Leandro from being born! While South Florida was experiencing the force winds of Hurricane Irma, young Charlene was giving birth to Baby Leandro at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Charlene had come from Honduras, scared, alone and … Continued

Antonio’s Story

Tierra and her husband had been wanting to have a child for a very long time.  During the counseling session Tierra shared she was very afraid because  she had suffered a miscarriage a few months before. Her test was positive … Continued

Kevron’s Story

One Saturday morning, one of our dear friends, Adolfo, was praying outside an abortion business in Kendall when he saw a couple go in. When the man came out, Adolfo noticed he looked very distraught. The man, Edito, shared that he … Continued

Alondra’s Story

Karla had just gotten to Miami from Honduras. She had no one here except her boyfriend. When she suspected she was pregnant, he told her she had to abort because he did not want children. Karla was a Christian and … Continued

Joshua and Jafet

Anyi was only 15 years old when she came to our clinic with her mom wanting to abort her baby. When we did the ultrasound, everyone was in awe when the ultrasound revealed Anyi was pregnant with twin boys and … Continued

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