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Baby A'mill Ace


Dariniesha came to our clinic seeking an abortion due to the baby’s father pressuring her to abort. When she came to our clinic she explained that she did not want to lose her relationship and that she could have other children later on in life.


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Baby Jayden


With a broken heart and shattered dreams, Maritza walked into our Hialeah clinic seeking an abortion. However, God brought her to the right place and the moment she walked in, she felt something different.


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Baby Genesis


Eva had just immigrated from Cuba. She was still getting her life together, and in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy, thought abortion was her only viable option.


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Baby Abigail


When Kristen found out that she was pregnant at age 19, she was shocked and scared. She underwent an abortion procedure, but God had other plans for her and her baby!


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Baby Daniella


Yelitza’s hopes and dreams were shattered when her doctor said her baby had Down Syndrome. Yelitza was distraught, and her doctor suggested she have an abortion.


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