Johann’s Story

Aimei came to our clinic looking for an abortion. She was living in Venezuela and Puerto Rico for 26 years and later moved to Miami. At the counseling session, Aimel stated she wanted an abortion because her boyfriend and her had been together for 9 years and they did not want to have any children.  She understood they were being selfish but they did not want to bring children into this crazy world. They had better plans for her future and a child was not in her picture. She said that her partner agreed with her decision to abort. At first she was withdrawn and did not show any emotions. She came for the abortion pill and she was only 6 weeks and she refused to see the screen and the heartbeat was very low and hard to detect. We offered her another ultrasound in a week. We offered her The Invitation but she refused and also refused prayer. We had lost all hope but we told her that before she made a decision to please come to the follow up appointment. When she left we prayed as we do for all the cases such as this one. A week later, she came in for her follow up appointment and we all rejoiced. She said her boyfriend suggested she should get another ultrasound. That was a miracle indeed. This time she did see the baby on the screen and heard the heartbeat. She said she was considering having the baby because her boyfriend had second thoughts.

Well, the Lord answered our prayers and Baby Johann was born 04/12/2022. They are very grateful for our help and we believe they will come to the full knowledge of Christ.

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