Dianelys’ Story

In 2015, Yanelys and her husband, Diango, left Cuba for the United States. They were so excited to be in a land of opportunity, ready to fulfill their dreams! But all of that changed just two weeks later when Yanelys realized she was pregnant.
Shocked at the news, and thinking abortion was their only option, they began looking for an abortion business. They found one in Little Havana which had been operating for over 25 years. Little did they know, that only a week before, God had turned it into a Heartbeat of Miami life-saving clinic! Since renovations were still going on, Andres (a volunteer helping with the construction) took them to our Hialeah location.
When Yanelys and Diango saw their precious baby girl on the ultrasound screen and heard the sound of her heartbeat, the Lord changed their hearts. They broke down in tears, weeping for joy and resolving to choose life for their daughter. And six months later, beautiful little Dianelys was born!
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