Kevron’s Story

One Saturday morning, one of our dear friends, Adolfo, was praying outside an abortion business in Kendall when he saw a couple go in. When the man came out, Adolfo noticed he looked very distraught. The man, Edito, shared that he … Continued

Alondra’s Story

Karla had just gotten to Miami from Honduras. She had no one here except her boyfriend. When she suspected she was pregnant, he told her she had to abort because he did not want children. Karla was a Christian and … Continued

Joshua and Jafet

Anyi was only 15 years old when she came to our clinic with her mom wanting to abort her baby. When we did the ultrasound, everyone was in awe when the ultrasound revealed Anyi was pregnant with twin boys and … Continued

Cristiano’s Story

Elaidy came to our clinic with her husband wanting to have an abortion. They already had a 4 month old baby and this pregnancy was unplanned. When they saw their baby on the ultrasound, Elaidy pleaded for the life of … Continued

Maliyah’s Story

Melly came to our clinic seeking an abortion because she could not afford to have a child at this time. She knew that abortion was wrong but she  had no insurance and her husband was the only one working at … Continued

Zoey’s Story

Meet one of our Heroes. Her name is Jenni. Jenni’s baby girl Zoey was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 at 22 weeks in the womb. All the doctors advised her to abort. Jenni, being a woman of God, stood firm in … Continued

Tomas and Tadeo

Adriana came to our Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic in Flagler, which used to be an abortion business before we took over. She came anxious and afraid because she was pregnant again. You see, in 2016 Adriana was pregnant and the … Continued

Lyam’s Story

Chavely came to our clinic wanting to abort her pregnancy. At only 18, she did not think that she was capable of having this baby. She felt so confused and afraid – her boyfriend left her and didn’t want to … Continued

Sebastian’s Story

Dainy came to our Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic in Hialeah feeling desperate, confused and completely alone. The baby’s father urged her to abort without telling her parents. This would be just between them and her parents didn’t need to know. … Continued

Double Portion of Blessings!

Antonia came to our Pregnancy Help Medical Clinics scared and confused with an unplanned pregnancy. She was still in school and felt she was all alone because the baby’s father wanted her to abort. She did not want us to … Continued

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