Sophia’s Story

Meet baby girl Sophia. She was born on 08/17/2022. Her mommy Susana came to our clinic looking for a chemical abortion when she was 10 weeks pregnant. Her partner betrayed her with another girl who was also pregnant. She was so hurt and upset she did not want to be tied to him…especially, not with his child. She was very determined to abort since she felt depressed, lonely and hopeless with her pregnancy. She was crying a lot during the counseling session because of the betrayal of her partner but she showed no emotions towards aborting her baby.






However, God intervened and our sonographer, Idalys, performed the ultrasound. When Susana saw her baby for the first time and heard the heartbeat, she broke down and cried out to God for forgiveness for wanting to end the life of her baby. We held her and prayed with her. Susana chose life for her baby and she made a confession of faith accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She is very grateful for the support we provided to her.

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