Nayla’s and Naylee’s Story

Double Blessing!

When Lazarre came to our clinic she was afraid and distraught about her pregnancy because she came alone to this country from Haiti. Her husband did not want her to abort but he stayed back in Haiti and there was not much he could do for her. She didn’t even have a stable place to live and was staying with some friends.

She came to the United States not knowing she was pregnant. She had never had an abortion but she thought having an abortion was her only option. Her friend gathered the money for the abortion pill and God led her to our clinic.

When we did the ultrasound she was only 6 weeks pregnant and to our surprise there were two babies and two heartbeats! She started to cry and asked us what her options were. We spoke to her about adoption and she considered it. We invited her to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior and she accepted Jesus into her heart.

As she continued with her pregnancy, we invited her to come back so that she could send her husband a picture of the twins in the ultrasound. We gathered baby items for her and we prayed with her. She then came back a month later and explained that her husband had asked her not to place the babies for adoption and that God would provide a way. She then decided to parent and ever since then the friends she has been staying with have been very supportive of her and her two babies. Babies Nayla and Naylee were born on June 30, 2022 and God has provided.

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