John Jack’s Story

Meet baby John Jack. Before this pregnancy, 4 years ago, his mom Miriam lost a premature baby at 24 weeks due to cystic ovaries syndrome. She had lost all hope to have another child. Miriam’s sister had just passed away suddenly in a car accident and was the only person Miriam had in this country. The doctor had prescribed all sorts of antidepressants for depression and anxiety.

When she found out she was pregnant, the doctor told her she could not have this baby. She came to our clinic seeeking abortion pills. Miriam was 6 weeks pregnant. She never told her husband that she was pregnant. She had stated that a chemical abortion was the solution without much risk.

When she heard her baby’s heartbeat, she chose life for her baby and asked God for forgiveness. Miriam rededicated her life to Jesus making a new profession of faith. Baby John Jack was born on November 23, 2022. She is so grateful to our Lord for bringing her to Heartbeat of Miami.

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