Baby Genesis

Eva and her mother-in-law, Cary, were looking for a “safe place” for Eva to have an abortion. Someone referred them to our Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic in Hialeah, where they would be able to learn more about Eva’s options.

Olga Rodriguez, one of our technicians, was getting Eva ready for her ultrasound when she felt led by the Lord to invite Cary to participate in the ultrasound session.

When the 10-week-old baby appeared on the ultrasound screen, Olga realized that both Eva and Cary were weeping. “This is my baby, this is your grandbaby,” Eva cried out.

“This is my baby, your grandbaby.”

At that moment, Olga shared the love of Jesus Christ with them. Cary confessed to having aborted several times in Cuba. She cried in repentance, “Forgive me God, I didn’t know. I would never have done it, if I had heard my baby’s heartbeat. Please forgive me for encouraging Eva to do this. Thank you for bringing me to this place.” The sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross became real to them both, and they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Here at Heartbeat of Miami, our team uses powerful tools like 3D/4D ultrasounds to help women make informed decisions about their pregnancy, and provide caring counselling that points them to Jesus. All of this is possible because of your generous support! Will you make a difference today?

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