Jayden’s Story

Martiza visited our clinic very distraught at the fact that her boyfriend had left her for another relationship. However, when she found out she was pregnant, she contacted him and he told her she had to have an abortion because … Continued

Agustin’s Story

Maria Piña came to the United States from Chile. She was in a relationship with her boyfriend for only 4 months and found herself pregnant. Her boyfriend came in with her to our clinic requesting the abortion pill for his … Continued

A’mill Ace’s Story

Dariniesha came to our clinic seeking an abortion due to the baby’s father pressuring her to abort. When she came to our clinic she explained that she did not want to lose her relationship and that she could have other … Continued

Nayla’s and Naylee’s Story

Double Blessing! When Lazarre came to our clinic she was afraid and distraught about her pregnancy because she came alone to this country from Haiti. Her husband did not want her to abort but he stayed back in Haiti and … Continued

John Jack’s Story

Meet baby John Jack. Before this pregnancy, 4 years ago, his mom Miriam lost a premature baby at 24 weeks due to cystic ovaries syndrome. She had lost all hope to have another child. Miriam’s sister had just passed away … Continued

Mia’s Story

Mia’s mom came to our clinic determined to have an abortion. Even though this was her second pregnancy, the father of the baby was someone who she had just met and they had no relationship. She came to us looking … Continued

Sophia’s Story

Meet baby girl Sophia. She was born on 08/17/2022. Her mommy Susana came to our clinic looking for a chemical abortion when she was 10 weeks pregnant. Her partner betrayed her with another girl who was also pregnant. She was so hurt and upset she did not want to be tied … Continued

Aaliyah’s Story

Nicole came to our Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic with an unplanned pregnancy. She was scared thinking of an abortion because she had no support from the baby’s father. She was being pressured to abort. Her test was indeed positive and … Continued

Dianelys’ Story

In 2015, Yanelys and her husband, Diango, left Cuba for the United States. They were so excited to be in a land of opportunity, ready to fulfill their dreams! But all of that changed just two weeks later when Yanelys … Continued

Victoria’s Story

Two years ago, Argelia found out that she was pregnant. She was out of work, without insurance, and without the support of her family. She felt lost and confused. Doubts flooded her mind as different voices told her that under … Continued

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