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"Struck down, but not defeated…" 2 Corinthians 4:9 (Spanish available)

"Derribados, pero no destruidos." 2 de Corintios 4:9 Para continuar en Españiol

After an exceptional opening week, in which we saw four young women come to our new Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic (PHMC) in the first few days, and while we were gearing up to implement our first ultrasound exams, with great joy and excitement, the week ended in anguish. Thieves broke into the PHMC and stole the ultrasound machine.

Monday July 9th, Jeanne Pernia sets up the medical room.

Police, Crime Scene Investigators, the alarm company folks, a window specialist and security specialist all hovered around the office on Friday, July 13th. We wept and prayed and reminded ourselves why it is a blessing to relish God’s Sovereignty over all things; even the devil must ask permission to strike his people, the Book of Job teaches us. And we may be confident that "God works for good in all things (good and evil) for those who love him and are called according to his purpose" (Romans 8:28).

Friday July 13th the break-in

Do we not love him? And are we not called to this Great Work? So at our staff meeting Monday morning, we thanked God and resolved to go forward as best we could. We drove to the PHMC only to discover a second attack in which the thieves broke through a now reinforced window.

Investigators arrive

The police returned, the CSI returned. City officials were contacted and called for a thorough investigation. And in the midst of this scene, four more women arrived looking for help.

Fingerprinting dust everywhere

It was a strange scene, at one point a police woman standing in the clinic, a young man waiting anxiously in the reception area, a young woman crying in the counseling room. She tested positive and was not sure what to do. We arranged for her to go up to the Hope Pregnancy Center in Ft. Lauderdale for her ultrasound. So this is the war we wage; a life and death struggle for this one frightened girl; and the three others that came in after her; and cumulatively, an assault against the powers of darkness at work in child-killing.

Was it a random attack or are we being targeted?

Police are treating it as a targeted attack. Someone/group wants to stop us. They may also have had a plan to fence the machine, but most likely they came here because they heard what we were doing and targeted us. Nothing was taken except the machine.

Taking blood sample off window

What are the police and officials doing about it?

Hialeah city officials were notified. And the police are conducting a serious and full investigation. We met with the Chief of police and his team of investigators and reviewed their steps. They are doing what they can.

What measures are we taking to secure and protect our clinic?

Obviously we reviewed all of our security measures to date. We had contemplated a break in and took measures to keep the machine safeguarded until all the repairs were completed in the clinic and the alarm system installed, before bringing over the machine. But clearly these measures were insufficient for a planned and targeted attack. So now we are reviewing increased measures (impact windows, security cameras, etc). We will do all we can with the means we have to insure that this clinic is open and that the life-saving power of ultrasound is at our disposal.

Glorious words of encouragement!

The ultrasound machine that was stolen was on loan to us from our partners in ministry, First Choice Pregnancy Center, in Homestead. When we called Glenn Dunn, the Executive Director, we told him that this loss was our burden to bear and not theirs. His response, "We shall bear it together! I would rather loose this machine on the battlefield than loose it to non-use sitting in a closet." This is what you call "amazing grace."

Bishop James Wright of Truth Worship Center in North Miami visited our clinic on opening day and expressed his support to help us open in his largely African-American neighborhood in North Miami. When he heard the news he said, "God says that the thief must repay seven-fold. Let us believe that this will produce 7 ultrasound machines in 7 PHMC’s around Miami." May this prove out to be a "prophetic word!" Let us pray and labor to bring it to pass.

"Where can I send my gift?" Many people see this attack as a sign that we are in the right place and with the right strategic plan and have called to help us recover. We praise God for these people and hopefully enough help will come forward to hasten a full recovery.

We are in a serious battle and warring against the powers of death. Hardships are to be expected. Our resolve is to find the resources we need to secure the clinic, equip it with ultrasound; and back up our medical team with an army of neighbor-loving people committed to help these young women and couples choose life; now, and for evermore.

(Read the Channel 7 News story here)

Thank you for being cross-bearers for child-bearers, with us.

Posted by kjohnson at July 19, 2007 2:04 AM

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